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Taxes | Protection | Legacy

You’ll discover everything you need to know from importing your data from your exchanges from your bot trading to the best tax software, preparing your data to file your tax return, how and when to protect your crypto, and passing it on to your heirs in the least taxing manor.


Crypto Wealth Protection's Master Training ($7,500 Value)

Crypto Taxation - An Overview of How to Pay Your Crypto
Taxes Here are what is included:

  • Which crypto events are taxable and non-taxable (including those strategies taught by The Plan). Including a chart for over 100 countries).
  • Bot trading tax secrets for both the wiggle and the gain or loss on your traded coin.
  • Taxability of other transactions such as mining, staking, airdrops, and defi.
  • ​Audit risks and current and pending legislation that may impact your crypto tax strategy.
  • ​​Steps to important your date from the major exchanges.
  • ​Crypto taxable events.
  • ​​Crypto retirement plan best options.
  • ​​How to calculate your crypto taxes.
  • ​​How to invest your crypto into an IRA.
  • ​Crypto trader tax challenges.
  • ​How to report your crypto taxes.
  • ​Capital gain and loss strategies.
  • ​​DeFi taxation
  • ​​Crypto tax planning costly mistakes to avoid.
  • ​Best accounting method to lower your taxes
  • ​Can you change your accounting method
  • ​​Filing your crypto tax returns
  • ​Why crypto exchanges can't provide accurate tax forms ​
  • ​How the IRS knows about your crypto
  • ​​How to lower your crypto taxes
  • ​What happens when you forget to report your crypto taxes.
  • ​Costly Crypto tax myths
  • ​Bot trading taxation
  • ​​Taxation of airdrops, mining, staking, rewards, lending, and lost crypto.
  • ​Crypto reported on schedule C and your options.
  • ​Top crypto tax mistakes to avoid.​
  • ​​End of year tax planning
  • ​Best options to file your taxes
  • ​FBAR requirements

Crypto Advanced Taxation - Strategies to Pay Less in Taxes:

  • Crypto Tax-Free Strategies (Even for Bot Traders)
  • 4 Strategies to Eliminate or Reduce Your Crypto Taxes
  • Crypto Taxes Responsibilities with LLCs (how should your LLC be taxed)?
  • ​​Is crypto mining a business or a hobby?
  • ​How to lower your risk of an audit?

Crypto Software Training - How to Quickly and Efficiently File
Your Taxes in Any Country:

  • ​The best crypto accounting method (hint- it is not always the same for each bot trader).
  • ​The best crypto tax software to save you time, money, and frustrations
  • ​​API vs. CSV importing your data, which is best, and when.
  • ​How to structure your tax software for traders with multiple bots to avoid timing out, and tax errors (an insider video tip from the head product developer)
  • ​​Pulling your data from your exchanges (what approach is best and why)
  • ​​What happens when you don't have a link to the exchange to pull your data?
  • ​​How to handle missing or duplicate data?
  • ​​How to enter manual transactions.
  • ​​How to create tax reports.
  • ​​Best accounting method to pay the least in taxes.

Crypto Taxation Professional Training - [Recorded Zoom Calls] Let our Tax Pros Show You the Steps to File Your Taxes and Much More:

  • ​U.S. CPAs will explain how to file your crypto taxes and step to import your data to the best software and prepare your crypto tax return to file your tax returns
  • ​The CPAs will take you through how to import your data from your exchanges and wallets, Defi, and others to the tax software, how to check for missing transactions, and how to fix them before you file your taxes.
  • ​​How and when to use a self-directed IRA
  • ​Strategies with entities and trusts errors (an insider video tip from the head product developer)
  • ​​How to protect your crypto from liability and lawsuits
  • ​​Audit traps to avoid in the U.S. and other countries
  • ​​Learn what to look for before hiring any tax professional to do your taxes

Crypto Non-Resident Taxation - How to File Your Crypto Taxes Outside the U.S.:

  • ​Tax interviews [Zoom recorded] with tax professionals in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.K., sharing the steps to file returns.
  • ​How to use crypto tax software to prepare a return to file.
  • ​​Crypto taxation requirements in multiple other countries.

Crypto Taxation Tools - How to Simplify Your Crypto Taxation.:

  • ​How to import data from The Plan recommended exchanges to the crypto tax software (step-by-step guides)
  • ​Video overview and guide on how to go from crypto tax software to file your return through Turbotax
  • ​​How to set up a business institutional account in the name of a legal entity with Coinbase and Kraken.

Crypto Asset Protection - When and How to Protect Your Crypto from Liability:

  • ​When to protect your crypto with a legal entity?
  • ​How to protect your crypto with a legal entity?
  • ​​Do you transfer, assign, or capitalize your crypto into an entity?
  • ​​Which legal entity is best to protect crypto?
  • ​​Which state is best to protect your crypto, and how do nexus guidelines impact your strategy?
  • ​​Do you need a trust, onshore or offshore? What are the criteria to consider?
  • ​​What will the IRS not like?
  • ​​How to apply similar strategies to your country?
  • ​​Should a non-resident form a U.S. company to protect your crypto?

Crypto Legacy - How to Protect Your Crypto for Generational Wealth:

  • ​Do you need a living will? A living trust?
  • ​​How to assign your crypto to your trust.
  • ​​What happens if your crypto goes through probate?
  • ​​Best cost-effective options.
  • ​You will have to our recorded training with a group of crypto taxation and legal experts that lay out the steps to protect and file your crypto taxes.
  • ​Our experts will share tips to pay less in taxes and keep the IRS off your back.
  • ​How to get on track if you are behind on your crypto taxes.
  • ​Live calls are coming soon, where you will have the opportunity to ask your most important questions.
  • ​Unlimited e-mail support for 12-months. Submit a support ticket to our team, and we will get you to the right place in our training, answer your questions or provide one of our vetted resources for your solution.
  • ​FAQs on your most important questions to get you moving forward quickly.

When You Join Today, You’ll Also Get These Special Bonuses!


Bonus 1: Crypto Platinum Support

  • ​Unlimited e-mail support for 12-months. Submit a support ticket to our team, and we will get you to the right place in our training, answer your questions or provide one of our vetted resources for your solution.
  • ​FAQs on your most important questions to get you moving forward quickly.
  • ​Our team has access to preset e-mail template for your most common questions to get you your tax and wealth protected quickly.
  • ​​Extended support from 7 am PST- 1 am PST, Monday-Friday.
  • ​​Our team will direct you to the right resource quickly with our massive training and support.

Bonus 2: Crypto Professional Discounts

  • Access our team and special member discounts and access.
  • ​Tax preparation to asset protection planning.

Bonus 3: Save $200 on Crypto LLC formation

  • Includes support and legal documents to transfer your crypto to your LLC
  • ​Includes video training on which structure and state is best. ​

Bonus 4: 12-Months of Crypto Wealth Live Training

  • Important crypto tax updates and answers to your most important questions.
  • ​Access to multiple trainings live and they will be all recorded.
  • ​​Crypto taxation and protection is a fast-changing game, we will keep you updated with our extensive list of resources.

Customer Questions

Do you do my tax return for me?

You will have access to our professionals who guide you through preparing your crypto taxes to file your return. If you want your returns filed, you may reach out to our professionals to prepare your crypto taxes for you.

Will you show me how to do my tax return myself?

Yes, our training will take you through the steps to prepare your crypto taxes to add to your personal return to file. In the U.S. that means the 8949 to schedule D. No matter what country you are located in, our training will show you how to use our recommended tax software to get in a position to file your crypto taxes.

What if I already have crypto tax software?

Crytpo tax software has similar features and steps. If you already have your favorite software, our training will still apply to the steps to file your taxes and handle missing transactions and other issues.

Does your training provide support if I am outside the work outside the U.S.?

Yes, you will be able to follow our training and steps with the recommended tax software to prepare and file your crypto taxes in your own country. Although we may not have a resource in every country, we will share with you the key questions to ask of your tax professional to file your reports and protect your crypto.

May I share this login with my accountant?

You may share this with your tax professional, who may need support to file your crypto taxes. We recommend they watch our professional interviews with our tax professionals. You may also share with this immediate family member or a separate legal entity owner.

Do I need to go through all of your training to get the benefits?

No. Our training covers many areas, and unlike a course, where it is recommended you follow the training in order, with our training, you may jump to the area where you need the most support immediately. If you need help, reach out to our support team, and we will guide you to the best training resource to help you move forward.

If I already have an LLC, are you able to help protect my crypto wealth?

Yes. There are many steps to review if you have a complete LLC formation, it is set up correctly, appropriately taxed, and do you need support with assigning your crypto to your LLC, is so, our training will be of great value.

If I already have a CPA to do my taxes, should I sign up?

We have found with our Zoom interviews with our tax and legal professionals that each may have a slightly different approach and great tips that your one CPA may bring up. We believe that a small distinction can change your final future. In our training, you will learn dozens in multiple areas. All it takes is a couple that can help more than pay for your investment and helps pay for your investment. Scott Letourneau, our head of training, is a member of The Plan and a bot trader who has designed the training with you in mind.


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