The Crypto Wealth Protection Difference

Scott Letourneau, Crypto Wealth Protection’s CEO and Founder

Scott’s massive body of research, training and education includes the following:

  • Paid research on the multi-state taxation rules with Deloitte, including Public Law, 86-272, which is being reviewed by the Learn more here about potential changes.
  • He was involved in the workgroup on sales tax nexus requirements state-by-state after the 2018 U.S. Supreme Court case Wayfair vs. South Dakota.
  • Advanced asset structuring and trust law with Jack Miller, attorneys Robert L. Bolick, Jay Mitton, Dr. Arnold Goldstein, and multiple other advanced courses with CPA and legal professionals.
  • Contributing author of “Start Your Own Information Marketing Business,” by Entrepreneur Press.
  • Speaker in multiple countries on launching your U.S. business.
  • A guest speaker on numerous podcasts, radio shows, and events for asset protection and sales tax strategies.
  • He has founded several companies, including NCP, Sales Tax System, Fast Business Credit.
  • Numerous marketing, copying writing, NLP, and other business events to help his clients beat the odds in business.
  • Crypto bot trader and crypto investor. 
  • Scott has interviewed the top crypto tax experts in multi-countries and created step-by-step guides, and resources, to complete your crypto taxation and how to protect your crypto investments from liability. 

Scott founded Crypto Wealth Protection to help those looking to use blockchain technologies to grow and protect their wealth.

Scott helped clean up an industry plagued with misinformation and aggressive strategies about Crypto Taxation.

Scott has a business finance degree, formerly held a series 7 license. His business background can help with funding, accounting, cash flow, and overall business structure and strategy to protect your brand and profits. He is a crypto bot trader and has extensive experience working with top CPAs and accountants in different countries on crypto taxation.

Over the years, Scott has given numerous peaking, webinars, joint venture partner, and collaboration opportunities.

Scott’s passion is helping entrepreneurs beat the odds of business failure and establish a complete foundation to protect you and your family’s financial future. Learn more about Scott and opportunities for Scott to speak for your group of e-commerce entrepreneurs at his website.

Meet Our Team

Our core business is involved with U.S. company formations, and sales tax registration process is automated with over 100 + infusionsoft campaigns, with automated follows to simply the process for our clients throughout the U.S. and globally. Our team and partners have used our experience and tools to create crypto wealth protection to provide the same great high level of services to help protect your crypto wealth. We use Zendesk to manage all our customer service requests, and our rock-star team is very fast, efficient with follow-up or return calls to help make your team most efficient so you can focus on what you do best, make profits for your business. Our team constantly communicates internally and with our valued clients to help protect your crypto wealth. 

Rendell -Customer
Service Manager

Jamie - Crypto
Tax Manager

Roj - Crypto
Tax Expert

Althea - Entity Filing

Tony - Customer Service
Team Leader

Siu-kei - Crypto

& Client Mail Expert