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Crypto  Wealth Protection starts with the most efficient process to file your taxes, especially for bot traders, from API -CSV important from your exchange to the best crypto software to get in a position to file taxes in your country. Structuring your crypto along the process brings additional complexity that our professional training will help you navigate to get your best results.

Step-by-Step Guidance and Support 

Since capacity is an issue with most global tax firms to support new crypto bot traders, our videos, guides, and support will help you get your tax compliance and protection completed efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Increased tax scrutiny on crypto traders globally has created a massive demand for tax support. Most crypto tax firms are at capacity and cannot take on more clients. This is the perfect storm for audits. 

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Paying your crypto taxes can get complex. Even with software, missing and duplicate transactions require additional support to file on time.

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Crypto Wealth Protection has a team of CPAs, tax and legal professionals providing training to get through the process for compliance and sharing the steps to protect your crypto wealth and legacy. 

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